Translations based on expertise & comprehension

In order to provide precise work, a medical-translator must not only have specific knowledge of both the source and target language, but essentially needs well founded medical expertise, a deep understanding of clinical processes, science and research, and both sales & marketing procedures.

Medical expert translations

medical‐translator – exclusively focussed on medicine. With more than 12 years of experience in the sales & marketing of global healthcare companies, we accomplish professional quality, a high level of accuracy and a comprehensive understanding of the messages you wish to communicate. Needless to say that all projects are processed applying a maximum level of discretion and confidentiality!

Linguistic precision and natural flow

Based on both a medical and a marketing background, medical‐translator is able to provide linguistic precision and a high degree of reliability to avoid any additional time-consuming rework. Since 2003, we have completed more than 5,300 projects in a wide range of medical specialities and language combinations (as of 2022).

4–step quality management

Exclusively focussing on medicine and healthcare plus following a 4-step quality assurance schedule enables us to guarantee quality performance:


... the right words – the right price!

Time and effort required for the translation procedure (as well as the price for it) considerably depend on length & complexity of the original document. In order to provide you with the appropriate price, please send us a complete copy of the original file(s) along with the expected deadline (please use the “Enquiry” form).

… or contact us directly:
medical‐translator is available per phone, fax or email!

Current language combinations:
  • English > German

  • German > English

  • French > German

  • German > French

  • English > French

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medical‐translator supports children and projects in:
  • Latin America (World Vision, since 2007)

  • Africa (Plan International, since 2007)

  • ... and the work of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)